TH Series - Roots Blower

Minimal Vibration and Lowest Noise

AMCL in collaboration with world leaders Trundean Industrial Machinery Co. Ltd of Taiwan, brings to India advanced technology to manufacture the most rugged and efficient industrial blowers. AMCL / Trundean offers a wide range of Blowers for industrial usages which includes Three lobe Root Blowers, Ring Type / Centrifugal Blowers, Magnetic Drive pumps etc.

Principle of Operation

There are two rotors in the compartment of the blower body, when the rotors operate in the opposite direction, they suck air in to balance the pressure created due to the volume V 1 change on the inlet size. And the air of the volume V2 will be sent out through the discharge side and the high pressure will be created through the discharge There is no need to supply any lubrication between two rotors because of the existing clearance between them which gives no worry about the possibility of friction. The blower runs well at high speed and produces clean air; it is also applied to vacuum purpose. and technical expertise. These ARJ Series high performance Blowers employ three lobe rotor designs which reduce noise and vibration level. This World Class mechanical marvel is indigenously manufactured at AMCL’s state –of-the-art plant at Butibori near Nagpur. These Blowers are working in different industries in India and abroad at utmost satisfaction of our customers due to excellent product performance and our after sales parts and service support.

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Features and Benefits

Robust Design

The air compartment and side cover of our blower has a flange and grove rim, which cannot only strengthen the blower's operational functions but also prevent eccentric phenomenal resulting from the fastening of the stud, which may shorten the life of the blower.

Higher Blower efficiency

To reduce man made errors, enhance the precision of the leave wheel, and to higher the blower efficiency, our rotors uses the most advanced one time work process Four Shaft method.

Ensures oil free air and safe operation

Appropriate clearance between the rotors and the rotors with the casing ensure no direct operational contact, hence no lubrication is necessary. The synchronous gear drive system and the shaft bearings are the only parts which require lubrication. Separate lateral chambers are designed to house these moving parts with proper seals to prevent oil leakage to the main chamber.

Low noise & minimum vibration

The TRUNDEAN blower rotor concept was adopted based on its flow characteristics which are very stable and even compared to the two lobe type, also coupled with the fact that it shows a considerable reduction of both noise and vibration.

Ease of Maintenance & Replacement

Computerized CNC machines are used to produce components and parts of high quality and precision also saves the user both time labours during maintenance and replacement.