Mixtron BB Series Mixers

Consistent and uniform mixing

Mixtron BB Series mixers are highly versatile range of batch mixers for the rubber industry. Backed by the international technology of Banbury Mixers, which Kobe Steel Ltd., produced under license for many years, the new Mixtron BB Series are outcome of over four decades of research, development and innovation.

Mixtron BB Series Mixers offers
  • High productivity
  • Consistent and uniform mixing
  • Minimum energy input
  • Least maintenance
  • Internal batch mixers such as the Ban bury mixer are used for mixing or compounding rubber.
  • Short Mixing Cycle
  • Reliability
  • High Productivity
  • Rugged Design
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Minimum Energy Input
  • Easily available Standard bought out items
  • Mixers can be supplied for Temperature Control Units.

Mixtron BB Rotors

Rotor is the heart of the Mixtron BB mixers. Intensive research and development have gone into the design of this critical component to ensure superior batch mixing. AMCL offers Rotor designs for each mixer model based on the material and conditions of mixing. 2WS Rotors are normally fitted in BB 76 mixers 4 wing H Rotors are for BB 270 mixers.

2 WS Rotors

The two - wing type of rotors are particularly effective for a wide range of rubbers.

4 Wing H Rotors (Patented)
  • The 4 wing H - rotors are designed and developed for large-batch mix productivity with minimum energy consumption.
  • The 4 WH swirl rotors provide excellent dispersion in the mix, generates smooth material circulation within the chamber, and maintains an even temperature and pressure throughout the mix.

Technical Specification Data Sheet of Mixtron BB Series Mixers


Model No.

BB-76 BB-160 BB-270

Net chamber volume(lts.)

2 WS Rotor 76 160 270
4 WH Rotor 68 142 255

Nominal Batch Capacity (kgs.)

2 WS Rotor 65 120 220
4 WH Rotor 51 105 191

Nominal Mixing

Rotor Speed (RPM) 37 33 60
Motor Power Capacity (Kw) 150 250 1200

High power Mixing

Rotor Speed ( RPM) 37 38 60
Motor Power Capacity (kW) 190 300 1500