Research and Development

We at Parabolic believe that R&D is the back bone of any research driven pharmaceutical organization. Parabolic has a well-established and highly sophisticated Research and Development set up.-

Parabolic Drugs Ltd. (PDL) has two R&D centers dedicated for drug research.

  1. PDL R&D-Barwala (Haryana - India)

    • This is an exclusive non Beta Lactam site

    • This site is spread over an area of ~50,000 Sq.Feet

    • 6 labs with 12 working fume hoods each i.e. total 72 fume hoods.

    • State-of-art analytical research labs

    • R&D is supported by a cGMP Kilo lab which has Installed capacity of ~500L with various size of SS & GLRs

    • Isolated & Dedicated area for Highly Potent Active Ingredients (HPAI)

  2. PDL R&D-Derabassi (Punjab - India)

    • This is a Beta Lactam site, located at Derabassi (Pb.) for supporting Beta Lactem research & process development.

    • 2 Labs with 8 workstations each

    • This R&D site is supported by an independent Process Development / Kilo lab with Installed capacity of Kilo lab is ~650 L with range of SS & GLRs,

    • Analytical Labs.

  3. IPR,QA & QC

    • Corporate IPR for process design and infringement guidance

    • Onsite QA & QC teams work under able guidance of Corporate Quality team

    • Corporate regulatory team is well experience in preparation and filing of regulatory documents worldwide.

Research and Development Centre- Barwala

The Research & Development wing of Parabolic Drugs Limited is driven by a team of intellectuals, including 15 Ph.D Doctors. The Company has an R&D Centre spread over 50,000 sq. feet area in HSIIDC, Barwala for a team of 100 scientists, including Ph. Ds.

The centre has 6 dedicated laboratories with inhouse pilot facilities and Kilo Lab for CRAMS business handling. The Centre has been equipped with six specialized testing laboratories of International standard following cGLP. A digital and reference library exists to support research activities. In addition to the above, improvement in current products and processes of the company in order to save costs and improve efficacy is a continual agenda for the Research Team.

Reaction Capabilities

  • Chiral Synthesis

  • Cyanation

  • Heterocyclic chemistry

  • Hydrogenation

  • Halogenation

  • High Pressure reactions

  • Low temperature and High temperature reactions from -100°C to 150°C

  • Organometallic Reactions (Grignard, n-BuLi etc)


Chemical Research Lab
  • Total lab area : 24000 sq ft

  • Six chemical research lab, each lab having 12 fuming hood

Analytical Research Lab
  • Dedicated Analytical lab for HPLC

  • GC and Classical analysis

  • XRD

  • LCMC

  • HPLC -Normal & Reverse Phase /Analytical & Preparative

IPR Department
  • IPR cell for protecting intellectual property

  • Library & software database

Kilo Lab
  • Kilo Lab/Pilot plant

  • Dedicated separate lift for man and material movement Kilo Lab Built on cGMP guidelines with an independent Air handling unit

Research and Development Lab- Derabassi

Chemical Research Lab(2):

a) Lab having 5nos. of effective fuming hood to carryout hazardous reaction with the utilities i.e. air, nitrogen, water.

b) 8 nos. of working station is available to perform mild reaction.

c) Lab equipped with vacuum oven, hot air oven, vacuum pumps, evaporators, Lab centrifuge, fridges, weighing balance (gm to kilogram), lab motors, glassware and computers.

d) Separate chemical storage area.

Analytical Research Lab:

Lab equipped with HPLC, GC headspace, GC manual, UV apparatus, Karl Fisher apparatus, Auto titrates, IR, pH meter, ultrasonic bath, Mille Q water system and microbalances.

Intellectual Property and Rights

PDL is fully accomplished to encounter the challenges of modern-day Intellectual Property Management in Pharmaceutical Industry. PDL’s well-qualified and experienced team for IPR facilitates the development of intellectual wealth and supports to identify new potential and markets for API & formulations across the globe.

IPR Vision of the company

  • To ensure non-infringing process for the future Grid molecules in different Therapeutic areas

  • IP Generation by filing new process, new polymorphic form of different molecules

  • Trace out business potential/market for the Grid molecules

The Company in whole has over sixteen Process patents and one PCT application in process with the IPR authorities.

Quality Control and assurance

At Parabolic Drugs, Quality is beyond the compliance and statutory needs of the products and regulators and it is a habit. Quality at Parabolic is an integrative philosophy of management for continuously improving the quality of products and processes. It functions on the premise that the quality of products and processes is the responsibility of everyone who is involved with the work at Parabolic. It is believed that the involvement of management, workforce, suppliers, and customers, shall enable the company to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Quality Unit of Parabolic includes Quality Assurance and Quality Control empowered with independent decision making authority. A dedicated Quality control and Quality assurance department exists at PDL for all its facilities. PDL is proud to have its infrastructure created in line with the stringent quality guidelines and GMP framework. It is committed to compliance standards and is focused to meet the norms set by different pharmacopeia, and stringent specifications of Clients.