Custom Research and Manufacturing Services

PDL offers Custom Research & Manufacturing services to global pharma companies in following areas – Services:
  1. Integrated & Stand alone R&D and Manufacturing services for NCE & Generics i.e.-

    • Synthetic & Medicinal Chemistry

    • Process Research & Development,

    • Analytical Development,

    • Impurity analysis & profiling

    • Manufacturing of NCE & Generics in Non-GMP or GMP plants

  2. IPR support for process design & infringement guidance

  3. QA, QC & Regulatory support for meeting global quality & documentation requirements


We have infrastructure to support Client’s R&D to Commercial Manufacturing requirements in following domains:

R&D Site at Barwala-(Haryana -India), & Manufacturing Site at Lalru (Punjab-India):

support R&D and Manufacturing of API & Intermediates in Various Therapeutic Area.

These sites are exclusive non Beta Lactam Sites.

R&D Site at Derabassi-(Punjab-India), & Manufacturing Sites at Derabassi (Punjab-India):

A EU GMP Site and another site at Panchkula (Haryana - India) - a US FDA Site support all the independent and integrated R&D to Commercial operations in the area of Cephalosporins & Penicillins respectively.

High Potent Active Ingredients (HPAI):

A separate R&D block is upcoming at R&D Barwala & Isolated Manufacturing block is at Lalru,Punjab

We have infrastructure to support Client’s R&D to Commercial Manufacturing requirements in following domains:

Reaction Capabilities

Cephalosporin Facility,Derabassi (PDL I)

Cephalosporin Chemistry, Condensation, Halogenation, Cryogenic Reactions, Amide Formation, Esterification, Enzymatic Reaction

Penicillin Facility,Panchkula (PDL II)

Penicillin Chemistry, Condensation, Halogenation Cryogenic Reaction, Amide Formation, Esterification, Hydrolysis

CRO/R&D Centre,Barwala (PDL III)

Chiral Synthesis, Cyanation, Heterocyclic chemistry, Hydrogenation, Halogenation, High Pressure reactions, Low temperature and High temperature reactions from -90°C to 150°C, Organometallic Reactions (Grignard, n-BuLi etc)

Non-Antibiotic Facility, Chachrauli (PDL IV)

Chiral synthesis, Oxidation reaction, Hydrogenation Reaction, Halogenation Reaction, Cyclisation Reaction, Phase Transfer Catalysis, Organometallic Reactions , Cyanation, Reactions from -70°C to 250°C, Crystallization

Business Model

We work on following business models:
  • Project basis

  • Milestone basis

  • FTE basis

  • Exclusive / Non Exclusive Development & Supplies

We are also interested in discussing long term business collaboration on mutually agreed business terms.

Why Parabolic Drugs Limited?

Parabolic is a preferred choice in this field because it ensures:
  • We work under Confidentiality Agreement with the client

  • Economic & Quick execution of Projects

  • Established Quality systems

  • All the IP generated while working on client’s assignment, is assigned to client

  • We work on no-competition model

  • Integrated and one stop services from Lab R&D to Commercial Supplies

  • In-House support for Analytical, QA, QC, Regulatory and IP by experienced Teams

  • Experienced in global markets

  • Already working with few global top pharma companies on long term projects

Contact CRAMS Division

For more queries related to our CRAMS business:

Shishant Gupta

D.G.M.(Business Development)